Duck pond.

oh stop it   too cool for school

Today Gabe is wearing a grey sweatshirt, a brown t-shirt, a teal jacket, khakis, and brown boots.

So, we can all agree that today’s pictures are basically what this blog has all been building towards, right? Gabe, looking ruggedly handsome in his natural environment, leaning casually against a beautiful horse, as the fog rolls over a majestic landscape of grass and trees?

Sigh. I should probably just shut down the blog now.


Why not?

Because it is essential that I tell someone about the cat developments around my new house. Specifically, that the howling one seems to have gotten used to my presence and now prefers to just stare at me through the window at every hour of the day and night (oh, and lie down in my parking spot whenever I leave).

And in breaking news, that there is a black and white cat too, who is small and cute, and has taken to sleeping in the sunny spot in a planter on my deck.

I can barely take it. And sometimes they do this:

we are multiplying

So, that is sometimes creepy but overall manageable. And that’s the news. CAT NEWS OVER.

I just got home from a yoga class, my second class since moving to the land of people who talk about chakras and auras. It only feels right that, as a new resident, I learn the lingo and get in touch with my breath, bones, etc.

The thing about yoga is that it is supposed to be totally personal and introspective, but you can also totally not be doing it right. For me, this is a challenge. To me, it is pretty important to be right 100% of the time, and so doing an activity where “there are no wrong answers” but you can also be adjusted and corrected all the time is kind of hard.

I want to be perfect and the best in class. And this is actively discouraged by yoga.

It is a terrible logic cycle for an uptight control freak.

But I think I found a teacher that is going to work for me: she is super into explaining what is going on, both with our bodies and with the bigger “yoga ideas” behind it. Knowing what is happening and why helps me focus on just “doing” rather than looking around, feeling embarrassed by my trembling limbs, thinking about how sweaty I am, wondering what I look like compared to the guy next to me, and trying to stop holding my breath constantly throughout class.

So that is a win.

Oh, and another win was when in class, our teacher was leading us in a breathing exercise to start things off, and she said, “OK, and now a big exhale out” and then one guy burped.



  1. Heartafire

    Gabe, you cowboy! I do like me some cowboys! Kate, you are riding the tail coat of this fine man…Love your blog!

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