Rainbow room.

one day this will all be yours   just kidding! it's mine today!

Today Gabe is backlit. He is also wearing a white t-shirt, khaki pants, and no shoes.

Today I am writing from sunny San Diego, CA. More specifically, sunny La Jolla, CA just north of San Diego, where it is warm, slightly breezy, and wonderfully sunny. Before I left Humboldt County it had been pouring rain for about 72 hours, and before that it had been misty for a week, and before that it had been just plain cloudy.

Needless to say, as a sunshine enthusiast, this is exactly what I needed.

(Though the hippies in Humboldt are quick to remind me that the rain is what will keep the Redwood forest from burning down so OKAY FINE it can rain there I guess.)

On Saturday, Gabe and I drove from Humboldt down to San Francisco to visit friends and hang out for a couple of days before our flight to San Diego. It was fun! I bought some badly needed new pants, and stayed up late playing card games, and got meals with a few friends who live in the area. I also met a one-eyed cat named Joey who I tried desperately to make friends with — which she hated.

In the span of 2 days, I ate about six burritos and accidentally walked about 60 blocks from the beach through Golden Gate Park and up to a place called B-Star for dinner in totally unsupportive shoes — so all in all, a great pre-vacation.

After our flight got delayed by about 4 hours, Gabe and I finally landed in San Diego on Tuesday. Gabe rented a surfboard, we ate an enormous delicious dinner with my mom and my aunt, and we played a game of rummy wherein I spent most of the game with a score in the tripe-digit negative numbers. (Oops.)

Gabe and my aunt Gayle and a went for a hike at Torrey Pines State Park yesterday which was truly amazing and lots of fun, although I have no way to prove it. I brought my camera along specifically to capture the craggy orange stone, wide array of foliage (flowering and spiney, and both at the same time) and the majestic ocean views, but ended up just chatting and pointing at cacti for our 90-or-so minutes walking a full loop of the park’s trails.

We ended up coming down from the park onto the beach and looping down back to the car by walking down the beach, so we hit basically every kind of terrain we possibly could yesterday.

But here are some pictures of things seen and photographed on our trip so far:

treetops keep calling on my head   mama bear papa bear baby bear

let's talk about the birds and the trees   this is joey. she doesn't love me.

And this morning I went to a yoga class with my aunt that has left me feeling super invigorated and excited for the rest of the day. I met some jazzy ladies, chatted with the instructor whose son lives in Humboldt, and — as always happens anytime I am in a room full of people I don’t know — ended up giving my Popforms contact info to a fellow yoga-doer who likes the sound of what we are doing.

So it is a great vacation. Now I am off the enjoy the sun.


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