Sunny spot.

tree as big as me!   favorite t-shirt favorite me-shirt

Today Gabe is wearing a white t-shirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

This week, Gabe and I are not where you would normally expect. We are on the road!

Gabe actually left Humboldt over a week ago to go on a camping trip in Big Sur with some friends. I stayed behind to work, since I knew that taking our upcoming road trip would mean significant time without internet access, which means significant time where I would be totally unable to work. And that’s no good. (For my sanity or for my work productivity.)

So Gabe went to Big Sur last week, and I drove down this Tuesday to meet him in San Francisco. We got rained on all day — Gabe and his friend Bruce surfed in the rain, while I worked from a very hip coffee shop and watched the rain splatter on the big glass windows while I typed.

We walked to eat burritos in the rain; we packed up the car in the morning in the rain.

But no worries — we were off to sunny Los Angeles. Where, upon arriving, the sunny skies turned ominously grey and we ducked into a coffee shop as fat, heavy raindrops started to plop down around us. By the time I had my latte, it was not just a downpour, but a hail storm.

During a break in the storm, we put our hoods up and walked back to the car where it was parked at our friends Mark and Pinky’s house in Highland Park. We hopped over rushing rivers of gutter water as we crossed the street, and changed clothes in the car while we waited for Mark to get home from work.

We worried that this trip might be cursed. But it turns out the rain gave us a great idea.

After a night of tacos and talk, we woke up in the morning ready to spend a few hours hanging in a sunnier, warmer LA before we took off for Phoenix where we were headed for a wedding. When we were thinking of places to go, we realized the rain probably made for some luscious plant life — and so we headed off to Descanso Gardens in La Canada.

paradisoIt turns out we were totally right.

The smell when we walked into the gardens was amazing. We veered off towards the Japanese tea garden, where we investigated the map and plotted out a route. For whatever reason, Gabe decided that he would be the one to hold onto the map and that I would navigate us around the park, I guess using our telepathic powers to communicate which way was correct.

We only left the beaten path a few times; once to look in a lake that had huge turtles and oversized koi in it, and another time when we thought we were about to come across an amphitheater but instead walked into some kind of oak tree grove.

It was a nice thing to go do too, because we were about to spend the rest of the day driving into the desert, leaving lush plant life behind for good.

I’m writing now from Phoenix where it’s sunny and hot, and the only greenery I see is the golf course outside our hotel room (which I don’t think grows naturally in this climate). But luckily, I took photos back in LA:

captain maptain   fat palms

treetops keep falling on my head   meta

Today, I am trying desperately to get all of my work done before the wedding we came here to see starts at 5pm. I think I can do it? I have been working most of the time since we got here, but want to make sure to get some pool time, game time, fun time in too.

There’s an added sense of urgency since next week Gabe and are taking the long way back to Humboldt and going camping for 4-or-so days, where I’ll be totally off the grid and unable to work or help the people I work with. It’s not just like “oh I’m on vacation so I’ll be slow to get to emails and won’t be doing anything big” — it’s like, “I am out of contact so best wishes and hopefully nothing terrible happens that I am best suited to handle.”

So I really want to get everything done that I have planned. But of course, things always come up. There is the unexpected nightmare of trying to do tech support with Hootsuite. There are the unexpected edits to do on writing work that came in. There are newsletters and blog posts and tweets that need to happen next week, and must be scheduled in advance.

And then — there is the real work too.

Most of it is done. Just a little remains. Then we are off to a wedding where I will surely cry (my favorite part, followed closely by dancing), then to a day of sun and brunch, and then four days of camping where I will do my very best to be rugged, learn how to set up my tent once and for all, and take lots of pictures of weird desert wildlife. I can’t wait.



  1. Don Royster

    It’s good to get off the grid from time to time and take a break. The world will go on without you for a few days. That’s a good thing. So enjoy your time away and come back refreshed. You deserve it.

    • Kate Stull

      You are right! Breaks are necessary and (somehow) things will still continue to function even if I’m not there to track everything every second. 🙂 Let the refreshing begin!

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