Speed walk.

what is a gabe?   a man out standing in his field!

Today Gabe is wearing a blue jacket, a tan fleece, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

This week I won a tulip and it made friends with my new palm plant. I put my tulip in a vase and put the vase on the table where my palm plant Nina lives, and slowly, slowly, day by day, the tulip leaned over and entwined itself with my little palm plant.

On Sunday, I ran a Mother’s Day race called the Atalanta Run, which is an 8K for ladies only that winds through the baby-cow-laden farmland outside the town I live in.

I have been training for weeks and just as I suspected I would, I ended up completing the race around the same time as all the grandmothers and young moms pushing strollers, aka at the back of the pack.

I felt like in a way I kind of won, though, because it was really hot and sunny that day and I got a great tan because of all the extra time spent in the sun. I also got to take extra long looks at the baby goats and cows lying down in the tall grass.

But as I rounded the corners away from the fields of baby goats and cows and back into downtown, I was happy just to be finishing with the race and to have been so slow that there probably wouldn’t still be a big crowd of people surrounding the finish line.

(I hate getting attention when I am running races. When I ran my half marathon, I discovered at the end of the race that my name was printed in big bold letters on my bib and the people lining the final mile were cheering for ME specifically, and I was mortified. I know they were trying to be supportive but…I don’t like attention? Especially when it feels like it might be sarcastic/condescending because I am running so slow? I just want to “run” in peace.)

But back to Mother’s Day: as I trotted down the final stretch I could see that there were officials at the end and as I got closer and closer, what were they doing there but handing out tulips!

I grabbed a red tulip as I crossed the finish line, which is how there came to be a tulip in a vase on my table where my palm plant lives. And over the course of the week, they drew closer together until they were nestled together for the last three days.

k-i-s-s-i-n-g.   hot town summer in the country

bird brains   leaf me out of it

it's electrifying!   cool blue reason

This week has been hot. I spent lots of time outside, taking walks, and looking at all the weird things in this weird landscape.

I have also been getting into hobbies. Yoga twice a week, running, and taking my first printmaking class today. I’m getting *big* into work-life balance and it’s just great.

I am also getting ready for another talk I have coming up — I’ll be at WordCamp Seattle in a month! I will also find out today if I got accepted for a real-life big-time conference…

Lots going on. Lots of sun. It is going to be a good summer.



  1. Karin

    Hooray for work-life balance. Yoga helps me, too. 🙂 I had a similar experience running a half-marathon, and I think you put words to my feelings. I just want to run in peace. Thank you. Happy Friday! Enjoy your plants. They are beautiful!

    • Kate Stull

      Funny you should mention that, because Gabe and I *just* watched Twister yesterday, so at the moment we could probably be considered experts on storm chasing. I’ll advise him to watch the skies.

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