That’s baseball.

i wanna rock right now   my name is gabe and i came to get down

Today Gabe is wearing a blue sweatshirt, a brown t-shirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

Well, you guys, it finally happened. I cried in yoga class last night.

I didn’t mean to! It just happened. And it was weird. But luckily, we were all lying on our backs with our legs pressed up against the walls and staring straight up, so I don’t think anyone saw.

I go on kind of an emotional roller coaster in every yoga class, especially the one I do about 1 evening per week, because it’s really intense and always has be just perfectly balanced on the brink of what I can do. This is the class where last week, I slipped on my mat because I stepped in the pool of sweat that had come off my face in a previous pose. This class puts me in a vulnerable place.

And it’s actually been awesome for my outlook. I like to be the star student, and I like everyone else to know that I am the star student.

And in yoga, that’s not possible. Not for me, definitely, but not for anyone really. It’s a dumb lesson on “everyone’s different” and “it’s about the experience/journey, not the destination” but apparently it’s a lesson that was still news to me 27 years in.

But in last night’s class, I was teetering on the brink of being able to do every pose. I just wasn’t clicking in, and so I fell over, wobbled, and shook in every challenging pose.

And so when, while lying on my back with my legs pressed upwards against the wall trying to do a new (to me) pose and *knowing* that I was doing it wrong, my teacher gave me a raised eyebrow that said, “Wait — wtf are you doing” and came over to adjust me, all of a sudden I was a little kid who felt so bad about not being perfect.

I held it together until she was done adjusting me, but despite my best efforts, a few hot tears rolled down my cheeks after she walked away. It was weird, but like everything in yoga I guess, since you have so much time to just think and feel when you’re doing it, it was probably good for me to go through.

Well, that was more time than I meant to spend on talking about how I cried in yoga class. Moving on!

Presented without comment, the greatest moment of my life:

mini puppy mini puppy   need it gotta have it

This week, my friend Mark came to visit for Memorial Day, and we (along with Gabe, natch) went on an outdoor adventure. A hike! A long hike!

To where? To the dunes. To where in the dunes? To the secret forest that lives in one very special section of the dunes.

Follow along, won’t you? We crossed many terrains.

everybody must get stones

hey girl whatchu dune

sweatshirt on sweatshirt off

sister act 2: back in the sand

hubba hubba ding ding

see that in the distance? THAT'S A BEACH FOREST!

See that in the distance? THAT’S A BEACH FOREST!

we made it!

man in forest, at beach oh say can you tree the boys dans la bois

And then we walked back by way of the beach.

there's no crying at the beach

The rest of the weekend, we watched baseball and hockey and played games. And I inherited a grill from my upstairs neighbor on Sunday, just in time for Memorial Day, so I spent one lovely afternoon flipping veggie burgers, monitoring my new cilantro and basil plants, and being blissfully unaware that one day soon I would cry in yoga class and also unaware that on another day I’d meet a tiny baby chihuahua that I’d get to hold in my hand.



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