Ha ha.

i'm gonna need an ocean   of calamine lotion (on my ankles)

Today Gabe is wearing a grey sweatshirt, red shorts, brown flip flops, and calamine lotion on his poor itchy ankles.

Gabe is allergic to the outdoors, but he loves them. He hikes, he climbs on rocks, he heads off the trail and bushwhacks whenever there’s a better (in other words, more fun) route to the beach.

Unfortunately, whenever he does, he gets itchy.

His current itchy ankle situation is just about cleared up, though, so naturally he decided to go on another canoe trip this week where he will almost certainly bushwhack anew, scratching up and itchify-ing his ankles just as they had begun to heal.

Somethings never change.

For me, I usually prefer the safety of the indoors. I have been printmaking! A very indoor activity. And you guys, an amazing thing happened — I found my muse. And you probably won’t be surprised to learn who it is.

wherefore ART thou romeo (get it?)It’s Romeo! The great white cat.

See, in my kind of printmaking — I think it’s called monotype? Ugh, clearly I am a bad student — you ink the plate and then wipe away the parts you want to be white (or, you know, not inked).

You can actually layer up lots of colors over the course of many printings of the same picture, but since I am a beginner, right now I’m just using black ink, which means all my final prints are black and white.

And who is better to draw in black and white than a beautifully fluffy white cat?

So I brought in a photo of Romeo and spent two hours trying to wipe away ink and leave a pattern of remaining ink in the shape of Romeo.

It kind of worked?

The final image doesn’t really have his essence — it doesn’t look like him. But it looks like a cat! And to me, that is a big win.

romeo my homey yo  studio selfie

So what comes next? Well, lots of more white cat prints, I think. Maybe some flowers? (That will require a little outdoor time, I suppose.) Maybe a portrait of Nina the palm plant.


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