Hot town.

hmm what the hell is this   it's flowers! guys, i figured it out. it's totally flowers.

Today Gabe is wearing a yellow t-shirt, blue shorts, and brown flip flops.

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve exercised and I think my body is falling apart. Well, not falling apart. But feeling terrible? Feeling like all the exercise and vegan-eating I did this summer is being completely undone, slowly, day by day? Yes. That one. That’s the one that’s happening.

I woke up with the flu two Saturdays ago, and every day since then I’ve woken up expecting to finally be the day that I go back to yoga or take a run. And every day, until yesterday, it hasn’t been the day.

But yesterday, you guys, I went for a vigorous walk. A vigorous walk! Up a hill!

I am definitely going to yoga this weekend.

The only bad part about going to yoga this weekend is that in the weeks since I have been sick, my very favorite yoga teacher taught her final classes at my local studio. Which means that next time I go back, I’ll be diving back in and trying to find a teacher to fill her spot (until she opens her own studio in a few months, at which point I’ll transfer there and basically pay her any amount of money to teach me yoga for the rest of my life).

I have no idea how to find a good yoga teacher. I did it completely by accident the first time, since I didn’t even know what I was looking for back then, and now that I know what I like I’m afraid I’ll never find it again.

The yoga teacher who is taking over the class I usually take happened to sub for my class one time when my teacher was on vacation a few weeks ago, and I cried in my car after that class. So…I don’t think I want to try out any of her regular classes.

In my brief research so far, I’ve also read that some of the other teachers at this studio have candles and do head massages with essential oils in every class, which sounds like a little bit more than I can really handle twice a week. Plus, I mean, these ladies probably have no idea how sweaty I get in your average yoga class, and I would hate to subject anyone to touching my head at any point during or following that.

Basically I am worried that there won’t be anyone that I want to take direction from. That people will either be too pushy, too condescending, too serious, too hippie…

Ugh. Can I do a Kickstarter campaign to just hire my original yoga teacher and keep her on like, retainer?

Ever since I moved to Humboldt I’ve been on a mission to make new friends, which is not something that is easy for me, but it is slowly coming together. But now I have to add in a mission to find a new yoga teacher too??

I’m going back to bed.

(Just kidding. Kind of.)



  1. Don Royster

    Why can’t they get into their heads that a yoga teacher is a yoga teacher. Not a masseuse. If you had wanted a masseuse you would have gone looking for a masseuse.

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