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whuuuuutttt   what

Today Gabe is wearing a tan fleece, a purple t-shirt, khaki pants, and black shoes. And he’s holding a blue jacket.

“Hey! Did you know you can make mozzarella sticks at home?”

It was only in the same moment that the words came out of my mouth that I realized I should have tempered the enthusiasm and surprise in my voice a little bit before I spoke up.

“Yeah,” Gabe said. “You can make pretty much anything at home.”

And I mean, I guess that’s true. But I’ve never seen mozzarella sticks in someone’s house; kind of the way that you rarely see sushi in someone’s house that isn’t in a takeout container. I know people can make it at home, but like — how do you even start? To me, certain things are just restaurant foods. They live at the restaurant, and people with very special training and know-how make them. They are things that are simply out of reach to the average person.

And so to realize that all across this great nation, moms everywhere are making their own mozzarella sticks basically blew me away.

At times in my life, my naivety has been a source of embarrassment and weird feelings. But in recent years, I’ve been enjoying the feeling of constant surprise and delight that knowing nothing about how the world works offers me. Like mozzarella sticks made at home. I mean, who knew??

Short post this week, since I’m writing this late Thursday night during a bout of insomnia, and I think it is almost time to try to go back to sleep.

Usually my insomnia comes in the form of waking up for no particular reason at 3am and then just being up for the day, but tonight it’s the can’t-fall-asleep kind. Sigh. At least I got a bunch of work done that I had been planning to do in the morning? (I always look on the bright side. Remember the mozzarella stick thing?)

So instead of words, I’ll share a few nice pictures of a few nice things:

we went to the river   gabe love river!

what happens when gabe goes unsupervised   new neighborhood cat! couldn't be cuter.

Good night/morning.


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