Paper airplane.

mushroom-based art installation   portrait of the artist as a somewhat young man

Today Gabe is wearing a brown sweatshirt, khaki pants, and brown boots.

You’ll notice in the above photos that Gabe is, of course, standing in front of an art installation. It doesn’t have a title (it’s contemporary art, so, hello) but as you can see it is four upside down mushrooms floating in a puddle.

What does it mean?

I don’t know.

Maybe you’re not supposed to know.

(I got a degree in art, so trust me on this one.)

This week I have been off my game. Well, that’s not quite fair. I have been on my game for like, 45 minutes a day, where I do some really incredible work and make lots of progress on something, and then for the entire rest of the day I am aimlessly moving between tasks and doing things like cooking rainbow chard and then not eating it until 4 hours later when I’m actually hungry.

gone in 60 secondsIt’s hard coming back from vacation.

When I was in Illinois, I got pretty into vacation mode. I was barely working during the holidays, and I spent a lot of time doing really “I have a lot of free time” things like reading makeup tutorials online and baking cookies and going to look at cool old houses in the historic district and filling out my Desire Map at the hippest coffee shop in town.

I ate lunch, I went shopping, I solved cases on Law and Order…

It was wonderful.

I got really into it!

And…getting back out of it has proven to be a challenge. Not that I’m not excited to be back at work or that I wish I was still on vacation — we are actually doing some pretty exciting things at Popforms these days, and we have a few things up our sleeves for 2015 that are going to be *very* interesting.

But my old groove is gone. I can’t remember what I do first thing in the morning. What do I usually do on Monday morning? Did I used to know how to write interesting product copy?

It is all a mystery.

I’m sure it will come back to me. But right now it feels very far away. I have these short bursts of inspiration and my old routine (“Ah ha! I remember writing a newsletter at this coffee shop…”) but for now the gears are still grinding slowly.

hi street  hamsterdam  shapely



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