Bounce house.

hey hey hey!   model interrupted

Today Gabe is wearing a tan fleece, blue jeans, and brown boots.

On Wednesday this week, I was having a little bit of a bad day. I decided around noon to exercise my work-from-home right to work-from-bed, and so I turned on my heated mattress pad, changed into comfy pants, and crawled under the covers with my laptop.

I was only under there for a few minutes when the bed started to shake.

I’ve lived in California for (cumulatively) about 4 years now, and I have never felt an earthquake. Once, when I lived in San Francisco, I heard a rumble that I thought was a big truck but turned out to be a minor earthquake — but I didn’t actually feel anything.

So it was strange to realize a few days ago that yes, my bed was actually shaking and no, there was no explanation for why I was suddenly bouncing left to right.

It went on for longer than I would have expected. I actually had time to think, “Is my bed shaking? Are they doing some work upstairs? Is this a big truck rumbling down my street? Oh wait, no, I think this is an earthquake. Am I in an earthquake? Lucky I’m in bed. I hope nothing falls down! Is this still happening?”

It really dragged on.

And luckily, I was in bed and nothing did fall down.



  1. Just a Running Chick

    Glad the earthquake didn’t “rattle” you too much! LOL When we had the earthquake here on the east coast a couple of years ago, it was really strange, too – my office chair was moving of its own accord. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening, especially as our office building was next to the highway, so trucks going by would rattle the building, too. Weird!

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