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Double time.

oh um heyy were you moving thinking of moving in?   cause this is my house!

Today Gabe is wearing a maroon shirt and blue shorts.

Since I started this blog, almost 3 years ago, I have almost never missed a post. I have skipped maybe 3 times on purpose and have outright just missed a week due to forgetfulness or confusion maybe twice.

Last week was one of those times.

Last Friday, when I normally would have been writing on this blog, I was packing everything I own into reusable grocery bags and suitcases, and stacking them high in the back of my station wagon, and driving up the coast to my new house in the woods.

All weekend, while listening to a nonstop stream of the Invisibilia podcast, I carried load after load into my new house and deposited it all on the floor. Then, over this week, the one main stack became several distinct piles, which then moved closer and closer to their room of choice.

Pots moved into cabinets. Clothes got hung on hangers. (Anxiety dreams were dreamt.)

And I am VERY tired.

To speak on my behalf in this week’s blog post, please accept the following photographs of things that have recently happened and my best attempts to capture the beauty of my new home in spite of its current pile-based state. (Hover over photos for captions.)

my boyfriend knows knots!

on the couch in the house

bubbly on the first night

w-elk-ome to the neighborhood

new homes for everyone

moved here to be closer to him

accidentally napped through game night

same screen, new view living, living, living fin

Chocolate chip.

i stopped to smell the flowers.   and all i got was all this pollen in my nose!

Today Gabe is wearing a tan fleece, a teal jacket, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

This last week has been a blur. We launched this great thing at Popforms. I worked a lot. I slept not enough. I tried to take the weekend off, but ha ha ha I totally didn’t.

However, I took a day trip to Ferndale (a nearby town in Humboldt) on Friday the day after we launched in an attempt to relax (ha ha ha) and I took some photos that will hopefully suffice for a blog post this week.

Please enjoy these pictures of a cemetery, some cows, and also some elk that I saw by Gabe’s house.

air up there




up close

she's a brick house

when you're alone and life is making you lonely you can always go..

sit now brown cow

velvet antler underground

elk in the headlights

Gotta go binge watch old episodes of Mad Men in bed, bye!