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It’s on.

flower child    no pictures please

Today Gabe is wearing a white t-shirt, green sunglasses, and blue shorts.

This post might not be a very good one; I’m writing it late at night, unable to sleep, after a day of flying across the country to visit my parents in Illinois. It’s such a long day of travel that always leaves me simultaneously buzzing and completely exhausted. I am not a good flier.

I was coming from Seattle, where Gabe and I were for a few days visiting friends. It was crazy to be in the city again after becoming such country bumpkins over the last year. Okay, Gabe was never really a city person to begin with, but it has been a big change for me, though a surprisingly easy one. It turns out I am a country person; I just never lived in the country before.

But as we drove into Seattle, I felt a sense of anxiety start to build, just looking at all the cars and buildings. I usually feel a little thrill when I get to the city, but not this time.

(Though I was still pretty jazzed to have not one, not two, but three grocery stores within walking distance of the apartment where we were staying [as opposed to having one tiny one that is a 15 minute drive down the highway away]. And I got to visit a fancy coffee shop and get served a great latte by a hipster instead of the hippies that I am used to.)

But my day of travel left my tired as always, even though I was actually able to work on the plane and not just spend the whole time trying to remind myself that thousands of flights happen every day and the pilot is very good at his or her job, etc etc.

It was pretty therapeutic to spend the time writing and planning instead of worrying.

These last few weeks have been really busy and crazy, and I am looking forward to some downtime while I’m with my parents. Here are a couple of things that have gotten me through these busy weeks:

romeo is my constant

Romeo is my constant. On a particularly stressful day last week, he found our front door and let himself inside. Then he hopped into my bed and made like a rolly-polly.


Can you believe this place is real? Gabe and I stopped on our way to Seattle to visit friends who live on a farm outside Salem, OR. This is in their back yard. It is a lake with a dock with a picnic table on it. It was…perfect.

it's on!

Oh yes, it’s on. The star of my blog and I are getting full-on married next year. So that is a pretty great thing that has happened in the last few weeks too. 🙂

Short cut.

phoning it in   can't be bothered

Today Gabe is wearing a grey sweatshirt, a green t-shirt, red shorts, and brown flip flops.

Alert: I quit washing my hair with shampoo. Starting yesterday. Continuing on at least until tomorrow, possibly for the rest of time. It’s hard to tell at this early stage if this is a genius idea or a terrible idea. (The best ideas usually have this quality. So do the worst ideas.)

But listen: I’ve been living in Humboldt County for like 9 months now and it’s starting to get to me. I was a vegan for the summer, and it turns out that was just the beginning.

“I figure I’m probably the only person in this town who *doesn’t* make their own deodorant, so I should just try it out right?”

Gabe raised an eyebrow silently.

I’m still a vegan at my house, though I’m going to be generally vegetarian out in public because I don’t want to ruin people’s lives by being impossible to bring to restaurants or cook dinner for. I love when people cook me dinner! So I’m happy to eat non-vegan if it will make someone else’s life easier who wants to feed me.

This summer when I started being vegan, though, I wasn’t sure how I’d feed myself. And it turned out to be actually really easy — it’s actually not that hard to get enough iron and protein on a vegan diet. It’s just different, and once you figure out where those things come from, then it’s not a problem.

But I didn’t know that stuff back when I started, so I got really into scouring blogs for advice on how to eat as a vegan. And it just so happens most of those blogs also feature interesting reports on things like why shampoo is actually harmful to your hair’s natural beauty (not to mention the environment) and how to make your own dirty hippie deodorant out of coconut oil and baking soda.

And it took a long time — at first I’d just laugh and scroll past those posts to the recipes — but, I mean, one day I stopped to read one because it had nice pictures. And then I read another one, and then I read another one, and I guess what I’m trying to say is now my head smells like vinegar because I just washed my hair with apple cider vinegar.

(Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like vinegar when it dries. For real. But it is weird during that not-quite-dry period.)

But listen: I’m living in a land of people who make flower crowns for fun. Now I make flower crowns for fun. And guess what, it is really fun! (Even though my face in my flower crown picture suggests otherwise. I loved it. I can’t help it that Gabe is the most photogenic human being to ever live, and that my normal camera face is embarrassed cringing.)

just...wonderful  i liked this more than it looks like

So I quit washing my hair. I might make my own deodorant. I’m a vegan who knows how to get big and strong so she can level up in her yoga class. Things are getting weird here. In a good way.