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Double time.

oh um heyy were you moving thinking of moving in?   cause this is my house!

Today Gabe is wearing a maroon shirt and blue shorts.

Since I started this blog, almost 3 years ago, I have almost never missed a post. I have skipped maybe 3 times on purpose and have outright just missed a week due to forgetfulness or confusion maybe twice.

Last week was one of those times.

Last Friday, when I normally would have been writing on this blog, I was packing everything I own into reusable grocery bags and suitcases, and stacking them high in the back of my station wagon, and driving up the coast to my new house in the woods.

All weekend, while listening to a nonstop stream of the Invisibilia podcast, I carried load after load into my new house and deposited it all on the floor. Then, over this week, the one main stack became several distinct piles, which then moved closer and closer to their room of choice.

Pots moved into cabinets. Clothes got hung on hangers. (Anxiety dreams were dreamt.)

And I am VERY tired.

To speak on my behalf in this week’s blog post, please accept the following photographs of things that have recently happened and my best attempts to capture the beauty of my new home in spite of its current pile-based state. (Hover over photos for captions.)

my boyfriend knows knots!

on the couch in the house

bubbly on the first night

w-elk-ome to the neighborhood

new homes for everyone

moved here to be closer to him

accidentally napped through game night

same screen, new view living, living, living fin

Monkey shines.

they're right behind me? oh i'm simply to tired to look.   and the call was coming...from the sunflower patch!!

Today Gabe is wearing a white t-shirt, red shorts, and brown flip flops.

(Sssshh. Lean in, everyone, and imagine the rest of this blog post being delivered to you in a very low whisper. Gabe is verrrrry sleepy today and we can’t disturb him. He is napping. Poor lil guy he’s just plum tuckered!)

You see, he had a very long weekend with all of his friends who came from out of town to see him and go camping. He had like, a six day long birthday party, you guys!

In those six days, Gabe and his band of friends went floating down a river, on two different days, and they went hiking, and they drank beer in the woods, and they ate brunch, and they ate some insane sounding burgers that are, I think, tempura fried or something? They played baseball, and kubb, and a game called Drinkopoly, which is played exactly how it sounds, which is to say it is played like Monopoly only with drinking rules enforced, and it usually ends with a lot of yelling and not-so-subtle trickery.

It sounds like quite a weekend, no?

Naturally, I was working through most of the fun parts. Because as has been established on this blog before, I am “really cool” and “a lot of fun”.

But Gabe had an amazing time, and I had an amazing time for all the parts I was involved with, but most importantly Gabe had a really amazing time. He loves his friends and was so so so happy to see all of them and spend time with them.

Which is one of my favorite things to see. Is a happy Gabe.

But now — oh boy is he sleepy.

Meanwhile, I have been working a lot and yet also somehow seemingly accomplishing nothing. Does that ever happen to you? I have been busy. I have been doing things; I know I have been doing things. And yet I feel like I have nothing to show for it.

One thing I have accomplished recently is watching Blue Jasmine, which was only playing at one tiny independent movie theater in Seattle, but which my friend Brett joined me to see, and oh man did Cate Blanchett do a great job just losing her mind in this movie.  So while I guess watching a terrific movie doesn’t really count as “a task completed” it did take my mind off basically everything in the real world for two hours and that’s not a bad thing.

After the movie, I drank a coffee which turned out to be a bad idea, as when I returned home I tried to relay the plot of Blue Jasmine to a living room full of Gabe’s friends, and lost steam about 15 seconds in.

“Okay, so the movie opens with Cate Blanchett but her name in the movie is Jasmine, and she’s on an airplane and she’s crazy, but she used to be rich, and anyways her husband is Alec Baldwin. What was I saying? I’ll just be in my room.”

So anyways, I’m off coffee again for a little while.

Quel dommage.

up so high   hear me roar

Today Gabe is wearing a grey sweatshirt, khaki shorts, and no shoes.

Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night, not fully awake, and in your haste to get to the bathroom or the kitchen or wherever you thought you were going, bashed full on into a heavy, sharp piece of furniture?

I have. Last night. It was a radiator. And I cried.

Is that the worst way to wake up? Today, I am saying yes. In the fullness of time, probably not the worst. But to me, today — yes, it is the worst.

This is one of my least favorite things about being in unfamiliar places. Just when you think you know where you’re going day-to-day, your sleep self reminds you that you actually have no idea where you are.

So my energy today is…bad. But I hope it turns around. I have a very exciting errand to run in a few minutes, which is to go to the neighborhood post office (open for two hours and fifteen minutes every weekday, and not a moment more) and mail a postcard home to my parents.

The postcard is very ugly, but seeing as there is nowhere to buy anything in this tiny, tiny town, I think it’s pretty lucky that I found it at all. It’s an advertisement in the form of a postcard for some kind of bike race that was hanging in a small office in town. So I took it, and here we are.

Can we take a second to notice how rugged Gabe has gotten in his native land of France?

I’m not sure the photos accurately depict how high up he is (though it does show how barefoot he is. very rugged.) atop the wall that defines the edges of the courtyard we live in. If you climb down that wall — using very slender stone stairs part of the way, then scrabbling down the stone face of the wall the rest of the way — you get to where the sheep are. So naturally, in spite of my fear of heights and fear of being rugged, I have gotten pretty good at climbing this wall.

But I’m still too afraid to stand jauntily on the very very top of the wall like Gabe.

Speaking of the sheep, one of them chased *me* yesterday, which is quite the opposite of how our interactions usually go. At the time, I was a little bit scared and started doing some quick estimates in my head of how easily a sheep could crush me to death if it tried. But then I realized — this sheep is a smart one who now knows I am the one who brings it food.

It wants to be friends. Which means my plan is coming together. Which makes me very pleased.

hello sheep friends

Mish mash.

oh shrug   booty booty booty booty


Today Gabe is wearing a red jacket, a grey sweatshirt, khaki pants, and brown boots.

Who does this guy think he is? Red jacket? Brown boots? Oh boy.

He does look pretty cute wading into the Puget Sound in his raincoat and boots, though, right? So I guess I’ll allow it. This time. Let’s get back to basics next time though, shall we? I’m really more comfortable with a green jacket and brown shoes.

Today I am tired. I’ve been a troubled sleeper for a few years now. Either I can’t fall asleep, or I wake up too early, or I sleep so much one night that I don’t sleep at all the next.

Sometimes it actually works out – I’m really productive in the morning, and when I wake up at 3am for no discernible reason, it’s often a great opportunity to do a full day’s work before 10am (and have the rest of the day free for fun and lounging).

Other times, it doesn’t work out so well. Today is one of those.

I couldn’t sleep until after 2am last night and woke up before 8. While today could have been a perfect opportunity for a nap (light workload scheduled, plus grey rainy weather), it never came. So instead I just hung out in between alertness and sleep, having just enough sleep to stay awake all day, but not enough to be productive and perky.

My brain feels like mush.

I manage to get through days like this by breaking up my workday into many small, manageable pieces. I don’t have the stamina to work for, say, four hours without stopping, but I know I can do one hour. I can’t write an entire blog post in one sitting, but I can upload the photos and outline a post.

It’s also a fun opportunity to watch old episodes of Law & Order on Netflix in between tasks. The latest season they have online right now is from 1997, and even better than seeing a criminal get caught and brought to justice, is hearing the characters talk about technology like the Internet and cell phones. Because it was 1997.

Anyways, today I heard Assistant District Attorney Jamie Ross say: “Well, if he had access to an online computer…” and anyways it made me feel a lot better.

Mountain superstar.

why so serious   gabe smiling

Today Gabe is wearing a maroon sweatshirt, a teal jacket, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

This week has already felt a million years long. It’s hard to explain why.

Last night I had a dream about skiing, but I’ve never been skiing in real life. The dream felt a little bit like what dreams seem like in books and movies. Not only was it vivid to look at, but I also could feel things like the cold on my face as we sped down the mountain. I remember feeling so excited and laughing out loud.

Usually, it seems like dreams are scary or boring or confusing, and they feel really far away once you wake up, but this one felt like very real life.

And it made me really want to go skiing.

Have you had any weird dreams this week?

Can do.

129 gabe looking down   129 gabe off balance

Today Gabe is wearing a teal jacket, a grey sweatshirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

Today Gabe’s photos are a little off-balance because today I feel a little off-balance. A little bit punchy. A little bit sleepy.

But luckily in spite of all that, I got the flow back. After languishing in front of my computer for what felt like forever (but was probably more like four days), I finally got back into the swing of writing and getting deep into my projects. It was so great to hear from so many of you about your own experiences with writer’s block; it’s easy to forget that it happens to everyone so it’s nice to be reminded that other people have it *and* get over it.

Unfortunately having the flow back means I haven’t got anything on my mind today except work. Well that and The West Wing. Is anyone else watching this on Netflix? (I know you are.)

I’m watching it for the first time and I’m only on Season 2 but I’m already concerned about what I’ll do when it’s over. And that theme music? So gripping. Forget it.